Donna Patalano

Middlesex County District Attorney

A resident of Middlesex County for more than 25 years, Donna was raised by her dad, a single parent who served as a lineman at the electric company for 43 years. A product of the public schools, Donna attended Boston University on scholarship. After a decade in healthcare management, she enrolled at Boston College Law School the same year that her oldest son entered kindergarten.

After law school, Donna clerked for Justice Elspeth Cypher in the Massachusetts Appeals Court and then started as a appellate prosecutor in the Suffolk County District Attorney’s Office. She later served as a legal advocate, as a defense attorney for clients in the state and federal justice system. After her defense attorney work, Donna returned to the Suffolk County DA’s Office as Chief of Professional Integrity & Ethics, creating training programs, prosecution policies, and helping to build the Conviction Integrity Program.

Donna understood that as much as she could positively affect the cases for each one of her clients, she could have a broader systemic impact in Middlesex County by working on change as District Attorney. Donna is uniquely qualified prosecutor who will build the preeminent progressive prosecutor’s office in the country, leading on criminal justice reform to create transformative, lasting change through her support for immigrants’ rights in sanctuary cities, commitment to treating mental health and substance abuse as a public health issues, and implementing an innovative data-collection program on the equitable use of bail recommendations and plea negotiations.

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