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Secretary of State of New Mexico

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Maggie Toulouse Oliver was elected to become the Secretary of State of New Mexico in 2016, after serving as Bernalillo County Clerk from 2007 to 2016. A Dean Dozen honoree in 2014 and 2016, and longstanding leader on progressive voting rights, she’s running for reelection now as one of the most accomplished Secretaries of State in the country, having turned her office into a model of leadership in voting access, transparency, efficiency and equity.

In just her first year in office, she made sweeping progress on core issues. She launched a new initiative to share financial disclosure statements online for all public officials, and released a new draft campaign finance rule to help candidates, elected officials and political committees with campaign finance disclosure and reporting requirements. Soon after, her office announced the creation of the Native American Voting Taskforce, which is “charged with identifying ways to boost voter registration, education and election participation in tribal communities.” She directed her office to join in a new partnership with the Family Friendly New Mexico Business Awards to support businesses that adopt and implement family friendly policies for their employees.

Because of her leadership, the rightwing and Koch-affiliated interests have poured money into the race to defeat her and suppress votes. We’re proud to endorse her for reelection because Secretaries of State are often on the frontlines of resistance to the Trump administration’s attacks on democracy. Maggie Toulouse Oliver is dedicated to ensuring each and every eligible New Mexican fair access to the polls, a safe and transparent way to vote, improved security of the vote, and the entire New Mexican community with the trust in our election process that is required to build strong communities.

Prior to serving as Bernalillo County Clerk, Maggie spent over a decade as an organizer, working to support a variety of issues, candidates, and national and local organizations. During that time, she worked to register, educate and mobilize tens of thousands of voters in my home community.

Maggie was raised in Albuquerque and attended Albuquerque Public Schools. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in political science and Spanish from the University of New Mexico (UNM) and a Master of Arts in political science, also from UNM. Today, she lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is the proud mother of two boys.

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