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U.S. House, Tennessee 3

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As a family medicine physician, Danielle has had to overcome numerous obstacles throughout her life. Danielle grew up in a working-class family and possesses a sincere understanding of the feeling that comes with having to rely upon government assistance to get by. Danielle lost her younger brother when he was thirteen years old because he was denied healthcare for his epilepsy when her family couldn’t afford to pay his medical bills. Danielle know what it means to suffer and to fight. These moments inspired her to do better for herself.

Danielle put herself through medical school as she became the first person in her family to attend college. Upon finishing medical school, she decided she wanted to do better for others and give back to her community. Danielle built a community clinic and four years later, it now serves nearly 1,300 Tennesseans. Danielle has spent her entire adult life listening to and caring for those in need. She understands the complexities of practicing medicine which requires not only dedication but also knowing how to help people navigate an unethical system burdened by high cost and driven by corruption.

Danielle believes our healthcare system mirrors what is wrong with our current government. Both are dependent on private interest groups and the politicians that are bought off by them. It is in her firm belief that a sense of ethics and a re-applied focus on people is not only the solution in medicine, but should encompass the foundation of our government. With this in mind, Danielle is running a people-powered campaign for Tennessee’s 3rd Congressional District seat because she understands that prioritizing improvements in our healthcare system, making government more transparent, and pushing for higher wages are policies that will improve the lives of all Tennesseans.

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