Josh King

Prince William County Sheriff, Virginia

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Who am I?

Josh King is a 37-year-old Iraq War vet, deputy sheriff, advocate for people with special needs and leader in his local SEIU. He and his wife Candi are the proud parents of three children, including a non-verbal teenage daughter with autism. He is the first Democrat to run for Prince William County Sheriff in 15 years.

What am I fighting for?

Josh is running on a platform of progressive policies to reform law enforcement in Prince William – a majority-minority county that is now trending blue. Josh will train a new generation of diverse law enforcement officers to build public trust in the communities they serve.

One of Josh’s top priorities as Sheriff will be to end the 287(g) agreement between the PWC’s Sheriff’s Office and ICE. The program deputizes local law enforcement officers to act as agents of ICE. Prince William is one of only two counties in Virginia to have the 287(g) agreement, which can be used as a tool to discriminate against the Latinx community. Josh believes 287(g) makes communities less safe, as it discourages families who are afraid of being separated through deportation from reporting crime

Josh says, “Yesterday it was called Jim Crow. Today it’s called 287(g).”

“We shouldn’t be celebrating the addition of 200 new beds in our jail,” says Josh. “We should be investing that money in diversion programs that will support and re-direct at-risk youth so that they don’t need to go to jail in the first place.”

My DFA Values

Josh is committed to DFA’s progressive values. Specific to his race, he is running on a platform of law enforcement reform. In addition to ending the 287(g) agreement with ICE, Josh will train a new generation of diverse law enforcement officers so that 50 years from now, we’re not talking about the same issues Dr. King was talking about 50 years ago.

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