Theresa Greenfield

U.S. Senate, Iowa

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Theresa is running for Senate because for too long since she was elected, Senator Joni Ernst has been out of step with people and communities across the state of Iowa. Senator Ernst promised to be different, but she’s voted with Mitch McConnell more than 90% of the time and sided again and again with her corporate special interest donors at the expense of the state. Social Security helped save Theresa’s family when her first husband died, but after voting for tax breaks for millionaires, Senator Ernst wants to put it on the chopping block - along with Medicare and other programs that everyday Iowans rely on.

All Iowans deserve a Senator who will give them a hand up and work to make the special interests squeal - banning corporate PAC money and ending tax loopholes to special interests, giving hardworking families the breaks they need, and investing in better education, supporting small businesses, and expanding access to quality, affordable health care. Theresa is running to make sure there’s someone in the Senate looking out for Iowa’s working families, and she will never forget who she is, where she is from, or who she is fighting for.

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