Vance Keyes

Tarrant County Sheriff, TX

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Vance is running for sheriff because its time Tarrant County had a sheriff that prioritizes social justice and criminal justice reform. A sheriff who can clean up the mess created by inequitable and inefficient practices. He is running because he is ideally suited for this role. As a 20-year law enforcement veteran and captain of the Fort Worth Police Department, Vance is in a great position to understand how to fix the system and provide law enforcement that works for all people. Vance is going to work at keeping the communities safe. At the same time, he is going to make sure that all people are treated equitably and with respect. Vance has no primary opponent and the incumbent is vulnerable. He’s a one term sheriff that won by a slim margin in 2016. Vance is a viable candidate and perhaps the most qualified that has ever ran on the Democratic ticket for this office. He understands what all the people of Tarrant County need to be safe and it is not wasting money on incarcerating non-violent offenders, it’s not wasting money on keeping people in jail that can’t make bail.

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