Fanon Rucker

Hamilton County Prosecutor, OH

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Hamilton County has been plagued by a hyper-partisan right-wing prosecutor for nearly two decades. As a result, the county has a criminal justice system that is structurally unfair and disproportionately hurts people of color and people without means. As a judge for nearly 15 years, Fanon saw this systemic imbalance in his courtroom every day and he refused to stand idly by and do nothing. This outrage is what has called him to resign his seat on the bench to pursue justice, not convictions, and create a safer and fairer Hamilton County.

Fanon’s entire career has been about boldly, and unapologetically, running on progressive values. When he ran for Hamilton County Prosecutor in 2004, he ran in a county that was red at the time and received advice to bite his tongue on his positions related to the death penalty and cash bail. Fanon refused to do so, and far exceeded expectations by getting nearly 90,000 votes as a write-in. This time around, he will continue to be true to the values and campaign on not seeking the death penalty, eliminating cash bail, not prosecuting non-violent drug charges, creating a Conviction Integrity Unit, and establishing a Hamilton County Reentry Court and a Hamilton County Housing Court.

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