Selena Alvarenga

Judge, 460th District, TX

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Selena is running for Judge because there is a movement in the Travis County community to elect progressives to lead the justice system and fight the inequalities within. In Travis County, like in many places, people of color are disproportionately incarcerated and receive disproportionately higher sentences. At the same time, defendants are often held for extended periods of time solely for the reason that they are too poor to afford cash bail; diversion and probation conditions are impossible to meet due to factors like work schedules, travel, and family commitments; and sexual assault survivors are discouraged by broken investigation and support systems.

Selena knows that in her role as a District Judge she would be an advocate for and implement into the courts new and progressive policies and approaches in order to end the two-tiered system and work for justice, not just punishment.

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