Shane Darby

Wilmington City Council, District 2

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Shane is a mother. A mother of 3 girls (Saniyah, 11; Samirah, 4; & Skai 2). Being a mother has heightened her activism and organizing passion about injustices in the City of Wilmington. She was born raised and raised in North Wilmington, to an immigrant Jamaican mother and step-father. She has been outspoken and passionate about inequalities in the world ranging from race, politics, animals, environment, and more.

At the end of her senior year, Shane became pregnant, and delivered her first daughter over winter break between her first and second semester of college. She graduated from Temple University with a Bachelor’s in Mass Communication & African American Studies, and a Master’s in Africana Studies. Shane has served for 7 years in the Army National Guard. Currently, she is a therapist servicing children in the Wilmington area who have experienced trauma and/or have behavioral issues. She is also a community organizer and activist. Shane has organized around Women’s Rights and racial inequality. She is a huge advocate for maternal justice and rights for Black women. She has a current state-wide campaign called Black Mothers in Power focused on addressing Black Maternal Care in Delaware.

Recently, the city council has been passing policies and decision making without centering the most vulnerable populations. Shane knows that we must begin to look at our decisions and understand how they will affect the poor, Black and Brown people, women, Islamic communities, LGBTQ-identifying persons, and communities FIRST. We should not be catering to corporations and what they want. Shane wants to challenge the local criminal justice system. She wants to work with the police department to create strategies to improve relations with the people they serve. She wants to make sure programs are in place for police to interact with residents outside of criminal incidents, which will help residents with challenges gain access to services and rehabilitation. On top of that, Shane wants to focus on community reinvestment and economic development. She wants to make sure that residents are being represented and included in the development of Wilmington. She wants people to have livable wages, to be financially empowered, and to have careers to take care of themselves and their families. She wants residents to feel safe in their community, increase home ownership/entrepreneurship, and feel proud that it is being beautified. As a community organizer for the city she lives in, Shane believes that staying local will still allow her to operate in grassroots methods and to stay connected to people she lives around.

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