Whitney Walker

Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, District 3

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Whitney is an advocate, policymaker, and visionary who believes everyone should have equal access and opportunity to define their American Dream. She is a native of Virginia raised by a single parent who instilled in her the importance of education and the power of voting. As a natural born advocate for social justice and equity, Whitney’s professional life mirrors her commitment to service and lifts the voices of those in her community.

Whitney has spent her career advocating for sustainable policy solutions on behalf domestic and sexual violence survivors and their families. She has a proven record working with advocates to close systematic gaps to end cycles of violence and poverty. This is demonstrated by Whitney serving on the Impact of Domestic Violence and the Courts committee for the State of Arizona and working directly with policy makers to create change. Her work with victims of family violence and sexual assault has provided invaluable assistance, healing and resources to countless survivors.

Whitney is passionate about elevating the voices of marginalized communities and building a Maricopa County that thrives for all of us. Whitney remains a steadfast leader in strengthening our community to build a better Maricopa County and Arizona. She graduated with Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and holds a Juris Doctor Degree.

Years of law and policy work have helped Whitney hone her analytical skills on various issues such as mass incarceration, voter suppression, discrimination in public education, threats to LGBTQ+ equality, immigrants’ rights, reproductive health, and gender-based violence. However, it is her lived experience that shapes her as a leader ready to be a fearless advocate for equity and liberation in Arizona.

Growing up, Whitney’s family faced many challenges being a single parent household. So, when we think of the “American Dream” and the opportunities it provides, she is living proof that it can still exist for Arizona families. Because of her upbringing, Whitney knows what so many families face trying to survive until the next payday. Her experiences have compelled her to envision her community as one that truly believes in equality, access, and opportunity for all.

Whitney decided to run for Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, District 3 because this office has direct oversight over the 50+ county departments with an annual operating budget of 2.6 billion dollars. The county budget has an immediate and direct impact on communities. Furthermore, the Board of Supervisors develop and implement the strategic planning for the county, impacting 4.5 million Arizonans. The strategic planning includes everything from redistricting to developments. To further progressive policies, this position is necessary to ensure we all have a seat at the table. And unfortunately, the current board put self-interest and big business before the people. Whitney will change that and unapologetically challenge the status quo.

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