Pam Keith

U.S. House, Florida 18

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Pam believes there are three crises that the representative of Florida 18 needs to address. First, there is a healthcare crisis, where millions of Americans cannot afford to refill a prescription or see a doctor–at a time when the nation is grappling with a pandemic. As a Congresswoman, Pam will advocate for a large expansion of Medicaid as the most feasible and affordable means of saving millions of lives and our economy. Second, there is a climate crisis, where irreversible damage is being done to the planet and coastal communities. Pam believes we must embrace a carbon free world NOW. If the right steps are taken in this moment, the planet can be saved and the children will not have to face untold devastation and the loss of Florida itself. Third, there is an economic crisis, where millions of Americans are crushed beneath student loan debt and stagnating wages–while a pandemic threatens millions with homelessness. Americans require financial assistance. Pamela aims to provide it–while holding corporations to account. Ultimately, Florida need labor laws and a tax code that lift the working people of our country, not just billionaires.

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