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Jennifer believes our future demands a leader with the bold vision, creativity, and stubborn tenacity to fight for what’s right and never take no for an answer when serving Virginians. The ideas of the past just won’t do. She is running for governor because in this moment, Virginians can’t settle for band-aid policies that get them from one crisis to the next. Virginia needs to focus on actually solving the problems facing working families. The status quo has left the state with a deeply broken system - where people are working harder and still not getting ahead. COVID-19 has only shined a spotlight on those issues. Jennifer is running for Governor so that her two-year-old twin boys don’t have to make the same sacrifices her family had to make. She will work to improve Virginia’s economy - for everyone not just those at the top. Jennifer will support schools and ensure that everyone has good health care they can afford. She will fight for paid family medical leave, paid sick days, and pro-union legislation in a way that no Governor has ever done before in Virginia. But, perhaps most importantly, as a public defender, she has seen the injustices in our policing and criminal justice system up close. As Governor, she will immediately get to work to dismantle centuries of racial injustice in Virginia.

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