Donna Edwards

U.S. House, MD-04

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When I first came to Congress in 2008 after defeating a multi-year incumbent who was controlled by corporate interests and was no longer interested in fighting for the needs of our community. I have been at the forefront of many of these progressive fights from before they were the hallmark position of our party. I was a vocal advocate for a $15 minimum wage, Medicare for All, demilitarization of law enforcement, opioid and addiction treatment, justice system and democracy reforms, climate justice, and a host of other issues before they were mainstream. These issues and the disparities they expose are profound in my district and around the country. I am not afraid to take on the powers that depress our communities in my campaign or in my representation from Day 1 when I am sworn in.

From my experience spearheading the bi-partisan effort to pass the Violence Against Women Act, my passion for public service, and witnessing the needs of my community, I was inspired to run for Congress back in 2008, when I was elected as the first Black woman to represent Maryland in Congress. I saw firsthand the horrific impact of the home foreclosure crisis on the communities I represented. In the intervening years since I served, I have advised philanthropy in supporting organizations to register voters, engage and educate them, and protect the vote. I moved more than $20 million to support this work in 2020. Today, the coronavirus pandemic has exposed some of those same disparities in health care and the economy. The impact has been devasting for frontline workers, small businesses, and so many families in my district and others across the country. I am motivated to help these families take advantage of the resources made available by Congress and to continue the fight to deliver tangible results for my neighbors. There is so much important work that remains to safeguard democracy, ensure voting rights, address climate change and environmental justice, and give that next generation a pathway to success.

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