Democracy for America Endorses Deborah Langhoff and Angelique LaCour for Louisiana State House

On behalf of over 600,000 grassroots members, Democracy for America (DFA) has endorsed Deborah Langhoff and Angelique LaCour for Louisiana State House.

DFA endorses Deborah Langhoff and Angelique LaCour with great pride and enthusiasm because they share our belief in people-powered politics. They're committed to creating a government that works for you and delivers the services Louisiana residents need. Together they will fight for fairness, governmental accountability and the common good while moving Louisiana forward, said DFA chair Jim Dean.

Deborah Langhoff lost her house, her business, and her community to flooding when the levees broke. But she didn't despair; Deborah attended the DFA Training Academy in Baton Rouge this past June, and now she's running for state office to rebuild a New Orleans that is safer and smarter than the city that was destroyed by flooding and neglect. She says it best: "Civic activism drives our recovery from the Katrina Disaster."

Angelique LaCour is running a true grassroots campaign, getting her friends and family involved, reaching out to her community, and working to support sustainable economic development and ethics reform in state government. A resident of Covington, Hurricane Katrina flooded her business which was still located in New Orleans, but that didn't slow her down. Now, she's determined to win a Democratic seat in St. Tammany Parish a Republican stronghold.

Founded by Governor Howard Dean in 2004, DFA is a political action committee dedicated to supporting candidates at all levels of governmentfrom the school board to the presidency. DFA is empowering everyday Americans to reform their political system. Find out more at


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