DFA backs four progressive women in primaries key to Democrats retaking U.S. House

National group says Porter (CA-45), Saad (MI-11), King (PA-16), Ortiz-Jones (TX-23) are “uniquely equipped to fire up the grassroots & replace Trump cheerleaders”

Today, Democracy for America (DFA) announced its endorsement of Katie Porter (CA-45), Fayrouz Saad (MI-11), Jess King (PA-16), and Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23) in four key Democratic primaries whose winners will be critical to Democrats’ chances of retaking the U.S. House in November.  

Democracy for America is a member-driven, people-powered progressive PAC with 1 million members across the country and a total of 13,482 in the CA-45, MI-11, PA-16, and TX-23 districts alone. The four progressive women endorsed today join 14 other non-incumbent U.S. House candidates that DFA has already endorsed in the 2018 cycle.

Chair Jim Dean on DFA’s endorsement of these four key U.S. House races:

“From the sad conclusion of the 2016 election to the soaring heights of this last weekend’s Women’s March, progressive women have been leading the resistance to Donald Trump’s hate machine and articulating the inclusive, populist vision for our country’s future that Democrats so desperately need.  

“On the streets and in meeting rooms, progressive women are showing Democrats how to fight, and that’s why need leaders like Katie Porter, Fayrouz Saad, Jess King, and Gina Ortiz Jones on the floor of  U.S. House demanding accountability and fighting for racial and economic justice for all Americans.

“Each of these women would not only bring progressive values and a range of experience to the halls of Congress, they’re uniquely equipped and building the strategically smart campaigns necessary to fire up the grassroots base Democrats need to replace Donald Trump’s right-wing cheerleaders in the House.  

Katie Porter (CA-45) is a lifelong consumer advocate, taught by Elizabeth Warren, who has already taken on big Wall Street banks on behalf of Californians.

Fayrouz Saad (MI-11), who built a career fighting for working Michiganders at nearly every level of government, would smash an often ignored glass ceiling when she becomes the first Muslim woman to serve in Congress.  

Jess King (PA-16), with her extensive experience in economic development in both Pittsburgh and Lancaster, PA, will be the kind of tested champion our country needs for Medicare for All, debt-free college, and criminal justice reform.

“And, Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23) will not only blaze a new trail as the House’s first Filipina, she’ll help the body understand, from first-hand experience, the injustice of serving her country under “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”    

“Winning in 2018, especially in districts like these currently represented by Republicans, will take visionary fighters committed to delivering on big, bold inclusive populist priorities like Medicare for All, free college, and comprehensive immigration reform.  Katie Porter, Fayrouz Saad, Jess King, and Gina Ortiz Jones are precisely the kind of bold champions for progressive values our country needs in Washington and our party needs leading its’ tickets across the country.  Democracy for America members couldn’t be more excited to fight alongside them.” -- Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America

Katie Porter (CA-45) has built a career fighting Wall Street banks as a consumer advocate, often working alongside her former law school professor, Sen. Elizabeth Warren.  In 2012, Porter was appointed by California Attorney General (now U.S. Senator) Kamala Harris to be the state’s bank watchdog where she helped ensure Californians got the billions they were owed following the 2008 financial meltdown.  As a candidate for Congress in California’s 45th Congressional District, Porter is committed to fighting for campaign finance reforms that check the power of special interests and for a fair economy for all Americans.

Fayrouz Saad (MI-11) is a born-and-raised Michigander who has worked at the national, state, and city levels to help keep our communities safe and expand opportunities for families who call the Great Lakes State home. In 2015, after serving as a Department of Homeland Security official in the Obama administration, Fayrouz went back home to become the first Director of Detroit's Office of Immigrant Affairs under Mayor Mike Duggan - where she helped immigrants integrate into the city, find jobs and start businesses.   When elected Saad will not only be the country’s first Muslim woman in the U.S. House, she’ll be a fierce advocate for Medicare for All, a $15-an-hour federal living wage, and comprehensive immigration reform with long-term protection for DREAMers.

Jess King (PA-16) a working mom, small-business champion, and a local economic development leader who grew up in Leola, PA and never planned on running for office. However, after a career fighting for working families in Pennsylvania as an Executive Director of the Union Project in Pittsburgh and ASSETS in Lancaster, King launched her race for Congress because she knew her community needed a fighter rather than someone working with powerful interests to rig the game in Washington.  Jess is a staunch supporter of Medicare for All, as well as comprehensive immigration and criminal justice reform. In Congress, she’ll work to deliver for the common good of all Pennsylvanians.

Gina Ortiz Jones (TX-23) is an Air Force veteran, a member of the LGBT community, and a first-generation American who has served her country in Iraq and, as a civil servant, on issues surrounding economic and national security around the world.  She has seen firsthand the dangers that arise when elected officials hollow out governmental institutions, attack the free press, put personal profit above people, and deliberately weaken or undermine the voices of women and marginalized communities. As the current administration creates the same threats here at home, she once again feels called to serve her community and country.  When elected, Ortiz Jones will be the country’s first Filipina to hold a seat in the U.S. House.

Since its 2004 founding, DFA members have raised and contributed more than $40 million and made more than 11.1 million volunteer calls to help successfully elect 919 progressive candidates nationwide.

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