DFA endorses Underwood (IL-14), McClure (NE-01), Schiller (OH-2) for U.S. House

Today, Democracy for America (DFA) announced its endorsement of Lauren Underwood (IL-14), Jessica McClure (NE-1), and Jill Schiller (OH-2) in three races that will be critical to not only ensuring that Democrats retake the U.S. House in November, but do so with progressive leaders committed to an inclusive populist agenda.

Democracy for America is a member-driven, people-powered progressive political organization with 1 million members across the country and a total of 13,482 in the IL-14, NE-1, and OH-2 districts alone.

Chair Jim Dean on DFA's endorsement of these three critical races for U.S. House this November:

"As we move closer and closer to the general election, the question isn't whether a blue wave is possible this Fall, but how big that wave will be and if it will give us the kind of audacious, inclusive populist leaders we need to deliver on big, bold ideas like Medicare for All and robust criminal justice reform.

"We believe that Lauren Underwood, Jessica McClure, and Jill Schiller are precisely the kind of courageous leaders we need guiding the way in Washington, and that's why Democracy for America is so honored to endorse their Congressional campaigns ahead of this fall's general election.

"Lauren Underwood (IL-14) is a registered nurse who worked in the Obama administration implementing the Affordable Care Act and helping communities prepare for health disasters. When elected, she'll not only be the first Black woman to represent her district in Congress, she'll be a strong voice in efforts to take on gun violence, pass immigration reform, and push for Medicare for All.

"Jessica McClure (NE-1) is a trained chemist, lawyer, and a mother who wants to go to Washington to fight for Nebraska working families and the many environmental and health regulations that kept them safe before the Trump administration started dismantling them.

"Jill Schiller (OH-2), with years of experience helping small businesses and non-profit organizations thrive in southwest Ohio, is fighting for a seat in Congress to represent working families in her community who have been long ignored by the right-wing lobbying interests that control their current representative.

"Lauren Underwood, Jessica McClure, and Jill Schiller are each running smart, grassroots campaigns that progressives can be proud of and, when they get to Congress, will be the kind of fearless progressive champions our country desperately needs leading the battle for racial and economic justice. Democracy for America members couldn't be more excited to fight alongside them in this election and once they get to Congress." -- Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America

As a part of its work in the 2018 election cycle, DFA intends to raise and spend more than $12 million in support of progressive candidates, make more than 2 million voter contacts, and support more than 250 candidates nationwide -- like Underwood, McClure, and Schiller -- in running inclusive populist campaigns committed to turning out the New American Majority of people of color and progressive white voters in November.

Lauren Underwood grew up in Naperville, Illinois and has committed her life to healthcare and public policy. A registered nurse, with hands-on healthcare experience, Lauren was appointed by President Obama to serve as a Senior Advisor at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). During her time at the HHS, Lauren helped implement the Affordable Care Act and assisted communities across the country prevent, prepare for, and respond to disasters, bioterror attacks and public health emergencies. When she's elected to Congress, Lauren will not only be the first Black woman to serve Illinois' 14th Congressional District, she'll bring her first-hand knowledge and experience as healthcare worker to the U.S. House.

A trained chemist who moved from the laboratory to the legal world to protect important regulations that keep communities safe, Jessica McClure believes that Nebraska working families need a voice in Washington. Like many others, her congress member's vote to repeal the Affordable Care Act was personal, because she saw first hand what the protections guaranteed by the legislation meant when her young daughter was diagnosed with a treatable chronic gastrointestinal condition that was difficult to diagnose and now would be considered a pre-existing condition. When Jessica goes to Congress, she'll not only be looking to protect and expand the ACA to Medicare for All, she'll be fighting to bring transformational, systemic, progressive change to government.

Jill Schiller is a mother, an attorney, a founder of a successful non-profit that focuses on children's literacy, and a former Obama administration official. She grew up in Philadelphia and earned her undergraduate degree from Ursinus College and a law degree from Temple University. She is running for Congress to make sure Ohioan voices are being heard over the big money lobbyists who control the Republican agenda in Washington. Jill believes we need leaders who know what's right and are willing to stand up for their constituency.

Democracy for America is a member-driven, people-powered progressive PAC with more than one million members nationwide committed to taking on income inequality, money in politics, and structural racism. Since its 2004 founding, DFA members have raised and contributed more than $54 million and made more than 21.9 million volunteer calls to help successfully elect 917 progressive candidates nationwide.

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