DFA endorses Marie Newman’s IL-3 primary after DCCC policy props up Lipinski

Today, in response to reporting documenting the impact the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s (DCCC) anti-primary blacklist policy have had on her campaign, Democracy for America decided to formally endorse Marie Newman’s campaign for the U.S. House in Illinois’ 3rd Congressional District and join with a number of other grassroots progressive groups in fundraising for her primary challenge of corporate Democrat Rep. Dan Lipinski.

Newman is DFA’s first non-incumbent endorsement in the battle to retain Democratic control of the U.S. House in 2020. DFA also endorsed Newman ahead of her 2018 primary of Lipinski.

Statement from DFA Chair Charles Chamberlain on Newman endorsement & the DCCC blacklist policy:

“The DCCC is doing tremendous damage to the Democratic brand and the progressive values its supposed to represent every single day they continue their blacklist policy that protects anti-choice, anti-LGBTQ, corporate Democrats like Dan Lipinski.

“We proudly backed Marie Newman when she ran against Lipinksi in 2016, and the DCCC’s anti-primary blacklist policy and the impact its already having in her race made it even more important for us to get her back early in her 2020 campaign.

Marie Newman brings the fresh, progressive energy needed to replace one of the most retrograde corporate Democrats still standing in Congress. Dan Lipinski's built a career in Washington screwing over working families and providing cover to right-wing bigots by opposing everything from a $15 minimum wage and the Equality Act to women’s fundamental abortion rights.

“While the DCCC may be working overtime to shamefully protect one of the worst elected Democrats in Washington, we’re excited to back Marie Newman early in this race and we look forward to working with her to finally replace Dan Lipinski with a real progressive in Congress.” -- Charles Chamberlain, Chair, Democracy for America.

In addition to giving her its endorsement, DFA is part of a broader progressive coalition including Progressive Change Campaign Committee (PCCC), Justice Democrats, and others, helping Newman push back against the DCCC's blacklist policy.

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