Democracy for America on the suspension of Elizabeth Warren’s 2020 campaign

Reports indicate that Sen. Elizabeth Warren is planning to announce the suspension of her presidential campaign.

Here’s a statement from Democracy for America CEO Yvette Simpson on Sen. Warren’s departure from the race for President:

“Over the course of her campaign, Elizabeth Warren put forward some of the most brilliant progressive policy ideas proposed in a generation, delivered knockout debate performances, and inspired millions to fight for big, bold structural change.

“Elizabeth Warren has been and will continue to be one of the leading lights in the progressive movement. She might be leaving the race for President, but she’s not leaving our hearts and we’re looking forward to fighting shoulder-to-shoulder with her in many battles in the months and years to come.” -- Yvette Simpson, CEO, Democracy for America

Earlier this week, following a vote of its membership, DFA endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders for President in the 2020 race. The grassroots progressive organization also supported Sanders for President in 2016, but only after helping lead “Run Warren Run,” a grassroots effort that tried to encourage Sen. Warren to enter the 2016 contest.

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