Donna Edwards Defeats Incumbent

Released On: February 13, 2008

The Real Democrat Wins Maryland Congressional Primary

Rockville, MD

Democracy for America, our nation's largest progressive political action organization, provided the critical support that propelled Donna Edwards to victory in the Maryland 4th Congressional District Democratic primary. Donna Edwards resoundingly beat the Bush-Democrat incumbent, Al Wynn, in Tuesday's Democratic primary. DFA raised over $40,000 for Ms. Edwards' campaign and local DFA members were the boots on the ground who staffed phone banks, walked precincts, and supplied the necessary grassroots support that was key to Tuesday's victory.

"Al Wynn has a shameful record in Congress and thanks to Donna his days of ignoring his constituents are soon to be over," said Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America. "Al Wynn has been a consistent vote for George Bush's War in Iraq and for big oil companies, big banking companies, big insurance companies, and against working people. Donna Edwards is ready to provide the progressive leadership that the residents of Maryland's 4th Congressional District deserve."

Ms. Edwards ran on a progressive platform that emphasized important differences with Mr. Wynn. In stark contrast to the incumbent, her campaign focused on issues like providing comprehensive health care for all Americans, repealing the bankruptcy law, standing up against wealthy corporate special interests, and ending the War in Iraq.

"While Al Wynn was taking hundreds of thousands of dollars from corporate special interests and lobbyists, Donna Edwards was working to pass the Violence Against Women Act. While Al Wynn was voting to allow President Bush to continue his War in Iraq, Donna Edwards was fighting the big pharmaceutical companies to reduce the cost of prescription drugs," said Gina Angiola, local DFA member and Montgomery County Coordinator for the Donna Edwards for Congress campaign.

"Democracy for America has stood by me since the beginning and their support was vital for my campaign," said Donna Edwards. "DFA knows that a progressive message and an effective grassroots campaign can beat out money, cynicism, and special interests."

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