Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg top DFA’s April 2019 Presidential Pulse Poll, show shifting 2020 race

Today, Democracy for America (DFA) released the results of its second Presidential Pulse Poll of the 2020 election cycle that shows a contest that has shifted over the course of the first quarter of 2019.

The grassroots poll shows Bernie Sanders holding on and strengthening the lead he had in DFA’s December 2018 Presidential Pulse Poll, but shows Elizabeth Warren coming in second, newcomer Pete Buttigieg taking third, followed by Joe Biden (previously in 2nd) and Kamala Harris. Beto O’Rourke, who came in 2nd in DFA’s December 2018 poll, has dropped to 7th place.

Top five results from the DFA poll:

  • Bernie Sanders, 42.3%
  • Elizabeth Warren, 10.52%
  • Pete Buttigieg, 9.7%
  • Joe Biden, 7.87%
  • Kamala Harris, 6.8%

See the full results here:

April 2019 DFA Presidential Pulse Poll analysis memo here:

The poll, which ran from Monday, April 1st through midnight (ET) Friday, April 19th, is the second DFA has conducted of its membership regarding the 2020 presidential election. DFA’s first 2020 Presidential pulse poll was conducted in December 2018.

DFA members cast a total of 94,641 votes for potential candidates in this Presidential Pulse Poll, with each member being able to rank order their votes for up to three potential candidates on their ballot.

Democracy for America Chair Charles Chamberlain on DFA’s April 2019 Presidential Pulse Poll results:

“While these new poll results show Bernie Sanders retaining and even strengthening his support among progressives, the big shifts in support for the broad field of candidate we’ve seen over the last three months make it clear that Democracy for America members are very open to changing their minds, discovering new candidates, and reevaluating potential nominees based on the campaign they run in the months ahead.

“Even before this race began, we said Democracy for America’s endorsement was up for grabs in the 2020 Democratic Primary. The changes we’ve seen between this poll and our last poll in December shows that the candidates running authentically on a bold, inclusive populist vision for the future of the country clearly have the momentum heading into the next stages of the contest.” -- Charles Chamberlain, Chair, Democracy for America

Ahead of 2020, DFA is committed to pressuring presidential candidates to be progressive leaders, providing opportunities for those running on inclusive populism to connect with its members, and conducting multiple Presidential Pulse Polls prior to any potential endorsement vote. The next DFA Presidential Pulse Poll is likely to occur following the first round of 2020 Democratic primary debates in late June/early July 2019.

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