Unite for a Progressive President Campaign Sends a Message to Iowa’s Democrats

Burlington, VT Democracy for America, our nations largest progressive political action organization, has ramped up its recently launched Unite for a Progressive President Campaign by placing an ad in the 12/13/07 edition of the Des Moines Register. The ad asks Iowas Democratic caucus-goers not to split their vote and stand together for a progressive president. Progressive voters are the key constituency in this election. Americans want a progressive president who will embrace grassroots engagement and have the backbone to fight for real change. Iowas voters need to know we are depending on them to make sure one of the top progressives wins their caucus location, said Arshad Hasan, Executive Director of Democracy for America. With 675,000 members nationwide, including 9,000 in Iowa, Democracy for America is at the head of a national movement that will profoundly alter the traditional landscape of the presidential primary season. The Unite for a Progressive President Campaign is bringing together members, supporters, and activists throughout the country in a new and historic way. Democracy for America has always been committed to harnessing the power of direct, grassroots activism and empowering Americans to play a substantive role in their community and their government, said DFA Chairman Jim Dean. With the participation of our members and supporters in the Iowa caucus, we are uniting voters behind a progressive candidate. DFA members are essential to winning the Democratic nomination.
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