DFA launches “Run Warren Run”

In December 2014, DFA and MoveOn launched a campaign to draft Elizabeth Warren for president. We showed the world that there was a real hunger for a presidential candidate who would take on income inequality in a meaningful way -- and we've succeeded in proving that there is a strong groundswell of support for Sen. Warren and her views:

  • More than 365,000 Americans signed our petition asking Elizabeth Warren to run for president.
  • Our supporters held more than 400 house parties, events, and rallies in the early primary and caucus states across the country.
  • Prominent progressive organizations like the New York Working Families Party, elected officials and grassroots leaders in Iowa and New Hampshire, and prominent cultural figures joined our momvement.

Together, we helped build the larger movement that has propelled Senator Warren to the center of the Democratic Party. Her common-sense, progressive, populist ideas are now setting the agenda in the national political debate, changing the conventional wisdom around the 2016 presidential race, and making it clear to all candidates -- Democratic and Republican -- that addressing income inequality will be the key to any successful presidential campaign.

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