Dollar a Day to Make Norm Coleman Go Away

Shortly after the launch of the brand-new progressive organization, the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, Co-Founders Adam Green and Stephanie Taylor came to Democracy for America with a great idea for a new partnership. 

After losing the 2008 Senate election to Al Franken, Coleman spent months using frivolous lawsuits to keep Franken from being sworn in. There just wasn't any incentive for Coleman to drop out. That is, until DFA and the PCCC teamed up to flip the script. We asked DFA members nationwide to donate $1 to a day to help progressives defeat Republicans in 2010 for every day that Norm Coleman refused to concede. From our email to members:
Think about how this Dollar A Day will change the game. If thousands of people sign up, and Republicans up for re-election in 2010 see the progressives who are out to defeat them get an infusion of donations each day that Coleman is obstinate, what do you think will happen?

First, they may be in denial. But after a couple days, and as more and more progressives encourage their friends to hop on board, you’ll have Republican senators, House members, strategists, lobbyists, and funders all calling Coleman saying, "Your time is up. Concede!"

The campaign placed significant pressure on Norm Coleman and raised more than $220,000 to kickstart the PCCC and defeat Republicans in 2010. Today the PCCC has nearly one million members and is a regular partner of DFA.
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