Primaries Matter: Ned Lamont’s game changing opposition to Iraq war sets up a Democratic wave

In keeping with the anti-Iraq war movement of the Dean campaign, DFA became one of the first national organizations to endorse Ned Lamont in the Senate primary over Joe Lieberman in early 2006. Lamont garnered our members’ support early as an outspoken advocate against the war in Iraq, with one journalist saying:

“If Lamont wins, the country changes. If Ned Lamont wins this primary, every Democrat is going to be more focused on stopping the war in Iraq, more focused on being for civil rights; this one race will turn the Democratic Party back toward progressive roots if Lamont wins.” Paul Bass of the Hartford Courant and New Haven Independent

Thanks to strong grassroots support from DFA members and fellow progressives, Lamont won the primary and Democrats around the country started coming out strong against the war in Iraq. Which set up...

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