The Political Revolution

Bernie Sanders not only ran a presidential campaign that ensured that the populist progressive values he's fought for his entire life are at the center of the 2016 debate, he built a grassroots movement with the campaign skills, battle-tested grit, and unrelenting determination to keep the Democratic Party on that path for the next generation.

  • Details about DFA's support for Bernie Sanders:

    • Since endorsing Sanders in December 2015, DFA members contributed more than $1.88 million to Bernie's presidential campaign  --  the most DFA has ever raised for a single candidate in its 12-year history.

    • DFA members participated in over 115,000 volunteer phone shifts that helped the campaign make 75 million voter contact calls and knock on 5 million doors.

    • DFA also worked closely with the Sanders team to help design the training tools that helped the campaign maximize the impact of ever volunteer recruit.

Support Progressives!

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